Lenders and Investors increase your lending and investing capacity!

Exclusive JV Partner option for Private Lenders and Investors (Corporate Investors, Institutional Investors, RE Investors,  and Private Investors) with SEC Licensed and FCC Registered Regulated D Wealth Management Platform.


*In- House Trade Desk Attorney

  • Investment Grade Principal Protection


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Please feel free to inquire within for more details and to learn actual quotes and returns from Licensed  and Regulated Platform (Owner/Principal Investor).

We work as a Consultant Group, that acts as a conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angel and/or Private Lending and SEC Wealth Management entities. K. Shantay Sinclair has a passion to help educate individuals and entities on Non-Conventional Creative Project Funding; and have assisted Commercial Real estate and Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within every primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. We will show you how you can qualify and have complete access to these platforms as clients/members and Joint Venture Partners do.