Private Equity Partnership for Development Projects


We are Marketing Consultants, that act as a Conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and and/or Private Equity entities. Our services are intended to be used exclusively by Corporate and Institutional Clients or Accredited, Sophisticated Individual Investors/Clients in need of advanced consulting services and financial solutions.  

Through our extensive network of Direct Connections with worldwide banking institutions as well as an unrivaled network of Private Money Sources we are able to offer our clients unmatched products and services.




If your Project can’t get to the Closing Table due to the lack of Cash and/or Collateral to satisfy your Lender or Bank, then you might want to Partner with our Equity Investment Firm to get you where you want to be! 

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We are now offering Private Equity for projects all around the world, that need a Partner that can provide the Collateral/Guarantee necessary for your Loan to be underwritten by your Bank or Lender.

If you have a credit-worthy project that has been seen by Lenders or Banks, but can’t get the financing due to the lack of Collateral/Guarantees to secure the Loan, we can help.

Our Equity Investment Firm wants to Partner with these types of Project’s Principals by providing sufficient Collateral/Guarantees, as well as any Closing Points, etc, to satisfy a Lender’s or Bank’s demands, and in exchange, obtain a substantial Equity position on the project.

Note: This Service is meant for New Construction/Development Projects! This is not for pure Acquisitions! If your project is an Acquisition, then there must be a substantial Value Add to the project.

Your Project must be at least $10M in size, with no dollar amount limits.

We prefer to work with clients that already have been pre-approved by a Lender or Bank, but couldn’t close due to lack of Collateral/Guarantees to secure the loan.

For projects that have not been pre-approved by a Lender or Bank yet, we are sorry, but it is best that you contact us when you have located a Funding Source that will take care of the Senior Financing for you that we can work with.

Very Important Note: Please Do Not introduce to us Sources that require an Instrument that will be Monetized!. We will not consider working with any Monetizers, period. Only Legitimate Underwriters with Real Loan Terms will be considered, and an actual LOI or Commitment Letter from that source must be provided to us by the Sponsor. This is Non-Negotiable.

As long as the project is underwritten by a commercial lender who needs additional Sponsor Points, Cash and Loan Guarantees to back stop the loan, we can help.

The Biggest Criteria is having support of a Commercial Underwriter who views the project as credit worthy but needs Additional Sponsor Capital or Collateral to actually underwrite the project. That’s where we come in!

Again, if you already have the Commercial Underwriter in place, great! We can assist you given that you have all your docs in a row and can provide updated files…
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The Equity Investment Firm will provide Funds and Guarantee as required by the Commercial Bank, who underwrites the project.


What percentage will the Equity Investment Firm put up? This is determined by the Bank Underwriters.

The Ratios may differ from bank to bank, so the amount of capital and guarantees provided will be in an amount the bank needs to justify the underwriting.


Ideal Partner Profile:

  • Reputable, relationship oriented, mid-sized to high-end builders / developers.
  • High integrity with strong operational and financial controls.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in target markets.


Let’s talk about the types of New Development/Construction Projects that the Equity Investment Firm is interested in:


  • All Types of Energy Projects
  • Oil and Gas Projects
  • Multi Family Projects
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Student Living Facilities
  • Medical Office Facilities
  • Warehouse/Self Storage
  • Hospitality Related Projects
  • Office/Retail/Mixed Use
  • Stadium Projects
  • And many more…


You can contact us First to talk about your project, to find out if we can assist you or not. We do not require any documentation whatsoever about You or your Project up-front!

Please do Not send us any un-solicited files! We will delete any files received without our request.

We can generally let you know on the first call if your deal can be done or not. It all depends on what you tell us on that first call.

If you are a Broker, Representative, Mandate , etc, and have Clients that might be a fit for our services, please contact us as well to discuss things over…

If you would like to set up a call with us to evaluate a project, you will be required to fill out an Inquiry Form to get started!

Thank you.

Please note: An Executive Summary/Project Plan and/or Company Profile is required to apply. A NCND is also required with our Consultancy Professional Practices.  The Asset Management/Private Equity Investor cover the costs of the client’s lender processing fees, administration fees, expenses, and closing points!

-Equity Investment Consulting Team-