100% Worldwide Project Funding For New Construction/Developments And Commercial Acquisitions Utilizing Financial Instruments

New Developments/Acquisitions and Existing Commercial Acquisitions

Projects Starting at $10 Million USD

We had to make some adjustments and simplify our process when identifying a Project’s Feasibility as well as the Principal’s Capacity to provide either the Cash required, Or the Assets required in order to archive a successful closing.

We still are able to provide a true 100% Project Funding Service, which is Non-Recourse, No Payback Loan Scenario, without giving up any Equity or taking on new Business Partners…

Let me be as Clear as Possible when describing what we have to offer with our main funding source.. I will do my best to fully describe what our main source has to offer to qualified Individuals and their Projects in the next few paragraphs…

Remember that these are only Options for your consideration. Our source’s Guidelines are not a fit for everybody, and we totally know that. But we will only entertain those that carefully read the guidelines and can comply with these guidelines without deviating from them.

Here are the  Options that we have to offer for potential Clients and their projects:

We can assist Clients/Principals that have any type of Project anywhere in the world (except in countries that are in conflict with the USA) that requires a minimum of $10 Million USD, and where the Clients/Principals have one of the following requirements:

  • Cash Readily Available (Minimum of $1.5 Million USD)

  • Owned Bank Instruments (Cash-Backed are preferred)

  • Leased Bank Instrument (LTV’s from 10-30% Max)

  • Owned Gold, Precious Gems or Producing Gold Mines .

The above mentioned is what we need to find out right away. Which one of these items you have? We need to confirm immediately from any potential Client/Principal in order to continue on with the DD and vetting out the Project and Client.

Our main source is not going to be interested in any of the following scenarios:

  • Pure Equity Investing.

  • Joint Venture on any Project.

  • Paying for any SWIFT Service, if needed.

  • Facilitating an Instrument Provider for you.

  • Monetizing an Instrument for You to take the cash and go somewhere else.

  • Working with Clients/Principals that have no Cash nor an acceptable Bank Instrument.

In other words, a Client/Principal Must have something of value to contribute towards their Project. Having a great Executive Summary and all other documentation about a project, but not the Cash nor the Bank Instrument that can be leveraged to fund the project, is absolutely not enough.

 No matter how great and profitable the project might be, our source will not put up all the money to make this project happen, while the Client/Principal has no skin in the deal other than the concept.

Even if a Client/Principal owns the land free and clear, he still must have either the Cash or Instrument, because our source is Not a Lender and won’t take any Equity Position on the project nor provide any Conventional Loan offers..

Let me elaborate on why is that….

This source is a Wealth Management Fund that is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and they are the actual Owners of several Trading Platforms, where they use their own Credit Lines and other Assets to Trade with and assist our Clients/Principals that are sophisticated enough to enter into these types of Private Transactions…

They are absolutely not interested in doing Loans. They are the investment NOT the Loan.

Thus, they only do Investments. Period.

In order for a Client/Principal to participate on these Private Transactions, they must have the necessary Cash or the acceptable Bank Instrument that they can use as their ‘Skin” in the deal.

The Wealth Management Fund has exclusive Top-Tier Traders with Series 3, 5 and 7 Licenses working only for them, handling all their trades, whether with Cash or Bank Instruments. These Traders are not going to be just handed to any Client just for the asking. A Client must first prove to us that they have something of value that these traders can use, and agree to do a JV Agreement to split the profits 50-50, until whatever amount is needed for the project has been met.

These Traders physically belong to this Wealth Management Fund and work exclusively for them.

One of the benefits of having Top-Tier Traders working for us, is that the LTV’s are High and the Fees are Low…(This applies to Owned Instruments only).. Leased Instruments are welcome but the LTV’s are anywhere from 10 to 30% at the most, plus it take much longer to get done.

Some of the benefits that you get with our Wealth Management Fund:

  • Your funds are 100% secured with a Insurance Policy from Lloyds of London.

  • You will receive your initial funds back on the Last Draw!.

  • You will not have to pay back any funds received towards your project!

  • There is No Equity to give up from your Project!

  • Your First Draw will be within 3 to 4 weeks, not months!

  • You can enter this program up to 3 times!

If you like the above mentioned benefits and have the Cash or Instrument, you can rest assured that we will get your project funded.

A Funding Example:

  • Say for instance that you have a $100 M Project.

  • You bring either an Instrument or a minimum of $1.5 Million in Cash.

  • Then, the Wealth Management Fund gets you on-board as a JV Partner on the Trade Program, (Not on the actual Project) and split the profits equally 50/50 on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, until You have reached the required $100 M for your project.

  • Once that amount needed has been reached, the Trade Program and JV Agreement stops.

  • Then you have a 100% Funding successfully done! Plus you also get back your initial $1.5 Million Or Bank Instrument is returned.

  • You now own your project Free and Clear, with no Equity given up, and with no new Partners on your company to worry about…

Now, let’s talk about the types of Projetcs we are interested in Raising Funds for…

We offer our innovative and creative funding solutions for the following:

  • Shopping Centers

  • All Types of Energy Projects

  • Gas and Oil Projects

  • All Types of Mining Projects

  • Hotels/Marinas/Casinos

  • Mixed Use Properties

  • Office Buildings

  • Industrial Projects

  • Retail Stores

  • Office/Retail Condos

  • Churches

  • Warehouse Properties

  • Special Purpose Properties

  • Apartment Buildings

  • All Types of Commercial Acquisitions

If your type of project is not on this short list, contact us to inquire because chances are we can fund it.

When it comes to Bank Instruments and Monetization, sometimes we are told by some Clients and even Brokers that they can accomplish the same thing we offer or even much better using their “Contacts”, but somehow they are still looking out there in Brokerland for a source. If they really were able to do these transactions that easily, they would never have to look up for anybody other than their bank.

Many people don’t realize that in order to get into Trade or to have a Line Of Credit, you must go through many check-points if you will….

You can’t just use a Bank Instrument to go to Trade directly. No. You first must pass compliance with the proper authorities, have the Bank approve you and give you a LOC, before you can bring an Instrument and place it into Trade.

You must put up Cash and Assets as additional Collateral to back-up that Instrument. If something were to go wrong, the Bank would first take your cash or assets, before they claim on that instrument.

 Our source has done all these things already at the highest level and are currently doing several tradings for several Clients/Projects from all around the world.

Basically You have to let us know what you have for our Traders to use and archive 100% Funding for your project: Cash Or Instruments.

Absolutely Nothing else will be considered. Please do not inquire for any “conventional” loans or for 100% financing if you have no money,  bank instruments or acceptable assets to pledge.

To recap on what we will entertain, here is a short list again:

  • We will accept all types of New Developments, (Energy Projects, Hospitality, Commercial, Etc.)

  • Minimum amount must be $10 M USD and Maximum amount is $2B USD.

  • Acquisitions of existing Commercial Properties are also welcome, but for these acquisitions the Minimum Cash required from the Client is $2M USD. With $2M investment you can purchase any type of property up to $35 Million USD.

  • For Acquisitions and Development, the minimum amount needed is $1.5 Million USD.

  • We will also consider transactions where the Client owns Precious Gems, Gold or Producing Mines. Simply specify what is it that you have and can show proof of ownership to be considered.

Due to recent fraudulent transactions and fake submissions via our Online Form, we no longer require our form to be filled out. Instead, we require to set up a Direct Call with the Client/Principal to speak with our Principal from the Wealth Management Fund, to avoid asking for CIS, Passport, POF, etc, only to waste everyone’s time and find out that there’s no deal to begin with…

 I believe it’s really clear about the type of Projects and Clients that we can cater to at this point…

If you are looking for a Loan or Equity Investment group, this financial option for funding will no be for you.

If you believe that what we have to offer fits your needs and you can provide either the necessary Cash, Assets or Bank Instrument to transact, please request for a Conference Call with us to get started.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to set up a call with any Broker, Mandate or Representative. We have strict orders/instructions to only set up calls with the direct Clients/Principals. If you are a Broker, Mandate or Representative please contact us to have the Client/Principal fill out the Conference Call Request Form. Note: The link will be provided for you upon receiving your initial inquiry.

If granting us direct access to your Client/Principal is not acceptable by you, then please do not inquire.

If you are interested and would like to inquire about this program, please inquire within to Officially Request for a Conference Call with the Principals.

For New Construction/Developments And Commercial Acquisitions Utilizing Financial Instruments

100% Worldwide Project Financing Starting at $10 Million USD

These days it takes the right team to properly structure the right financing for large projects from $10M to $100M or more. We offer comprehensive alternative solutions for commercial financing needs that are often unavailable from banks or through traditional commercial channels.

Our team has the experience and access to funding to successfully analyze and fund your project. We are not going to get into too much detail about how we can arrange large-scale project financing with a fraction of “Skin in the Deal” if you were to apply with a Bank or Conventional Lender. We will explain in detail how we accomplish this after we have reviewed your project and credentials.

We specialize in Worldwide Large Scale Project Financing, from $10 Million USD and up, utilizing Bank Instruments (also known as Financial Instruments) such as BG’s, SBLC’s, Bonds, MTN’s, etc  ..

Thanks to our ever-growing relationships with all types of funding sources, collateral providers, hedge fund managers, accredited investors, institutional & corporate investors, private lenders and the like, we have a Plethora of Financing Options at our disposal and available for qualified projects.

We can cater to your unique circumstances and can structure financing very creatively based on liquidity, experience, projections, the unique aspects to your project, and most importantly, we can provide a true 100% Financing Option whereby our Investor Raises Capital for a project by Leveraging the Funds ..

Noteworthy of mentioning:

When you deal with us, you won’t have to worry about any ridiculous “Daisy Chain” of Brokers before you get to talk to the actual Check Writer. We are Direct to the Check Writer and will make sure that once we pre-screen your project and the strength of your management team, if all checks out fine, You will be dealing directly with the Check Writer.

Program Description and Requirements:

Important Disclaimer:

This Program is exclusively for Accredited Investors or Savvy Entrepreneurs that are well familiarized with the subject matter: Using Bank Instruments such as BG’s, SBLC’s, MTN’s, Bonds, etc., to achieve Non-Recourse 100% Project Financing with a Self-Liquidating Loan OR if No Project attached to the opportunity, other alternatives to generate wealth are also available. But being financially capable is mandatory.

Clients will be asked to fill out a short initial inquiry form to send your request of our Client Disclosure/Agreement Form and Non-Solicitation Letter. 

NOTE: Only Direct Principals must fill this form! No Brokers or Represenatives! Thanks!

This Program is  for Accredited Investors and Savvy Clients that really understand how Bank Instruments are used for Alternative Project Financing.Liquidity Required to qualify: $1.5 Million USD, (Refundable on the Last Draw)With this option, a Client can get into a much better funding situation where there is also a true 100% Financing opportunity and will enjoy several other benefits not available on a Conventional Loan Scenario.Most likely, a Client will obtain a 0% Interest, No Re-Payment scenario. But we will only disclose the full details to those who meet the financial criteria and have projects starting at $10M USD and up to $1B USD.

In order to request the details about our “Bank Instrument Funding Scenario”, you must first attest to being an Accredited Investor or to having enough knowledge about this specific type of alternative financing to be introduced to our source and have your project considered for this opportunity.

If this is the case for you, please  inquire within to request our Client Information Sheet.

Our capital partners provide a virtually limitless funding capacity. Whether your project is 10 million dollars or 100 million dollars or even $1 Billion dollars, we have the resources to properly structure and fund your deal.

Some of the benefits that you get with our program:

  • Your funds are 100% secured with a Insurance Policy from Lloyds of London.

  • You will receive your initial funds back on the Last Draw!.

  • You will not have to pay back any funds received towards your project!

  • There is No Equity to give up from your Project!

  • Your First Draw will be within 3 to 4 weeks, not months!

  • You can enter this program up to 3 times!

If you like the above mentioned benefits, you can rest assured that we will get your project funded.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss things with our experts. All we ask for is to be in direct contact with the Principals of the project.

The Client will have to be prepared to bring a minimum of $1.5 Million USD that will fund up to $60M USD. For larger projects, the required amount needed from the Client will be determined based on amount needed for the project and other salient facts.

Unfortunately we no longer offer any extra financial assistance to our clients,(find them Seed Money). We will need to know that you can afford this on your own without any extra financial assistance.

If you are interested and would like to inquire about this program, project owners will be requested to fill out our Form with the preliminary details about you and your project. You are not under any obligation just by filling out this form.

For New Construction/Developments And Commercial Acquisitions Utilizing Financial Instruments

Submit your Inquiry within today!


Our Funding Source is a group of Banking and Finance industry professionals with over 20 Years Experience and a focus on Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note), LTN (Long Term Note), PPP (Private Platform Placements), Managed Bank Guarantee Programs, Monetization and Non-Recourse Funding.

Members of our Executive Team have experience in the Financial Instruments Department of World Top 25 Banks. Our Team consists of seasoned Bankers, Corporate Executives, Commodities Traders and Series 3, 5, 7 Broker Dealers.

Our Funding Source achieves Wealth Creation for themselves and their business partners utilizing the amazing  power of Leverage.

Click here for a Description of Leverage

Top 6 Reasons Why Our Program actually Works:

  • Company Founded in 2008

  • Banking Insiders NOT Brokers

  • Your Privacy is our Priority.

  • Our Integrity is Non Negotiable!

  • They are the Providers for 100% of Deals they Process

  • They Operate their own Private Placement Programs & Accounts

Brokers & Consultants:

  • Always 100% Protected & Respected

  • Healthy Commissions Paid

  • Be Direct to the Funding Source, NOT in a Broker Chain!

Important Disclaimer:

Our Source is registered with the SEC and provides Capital Management Services to Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals through the creation and management of Alternative Investment Vehicles.

This Program is exclusively for Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals that are well familiarized with the subject matter: Using Bank Instruments such as BG’s, SBLC’s, MTN’s, Bonds, etc., to achieve Non-Recourse 100% Project Financing with a Self-Liquidating Loan OR if No Project attached to the opportunity, other alternatives to generate wealth are also available. But being financially capable is mandatory.

We work as a Consultant Group, that acts as a conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angel and/or Private Lending and SEC Wealth Management entities. K. Shantay Sinclair has a passion to help educate individuals and entities on Non-Conventional Creative Project Funding; and have assisted Commercial Real estate and Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within every primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. We will show you how you can qualify and have complete access to these platforms as clients/members and Joint Venture Partners do.