Commodity Trading Funding: Private Equity Partnerships

Private Equity Partnerships For Commodities Trading



We are Marketing Consultants, that act as a Conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angels and/or Private Equity entities.

Our services are intended to be used exclusively by Corporate and Institutional Clients or Accredited, Sophisticated Individual Investors/Clients in need of advanced consulting services and financial solutions. Through our extensive network of Direct Connections with worldwide banking institutions as well as an unrivaled network of Private Money Sources we are able to offer our clients unmatched products and services.



Our same Private Equity Firm that does Project Financing also can assist our Clients that are in the Commodity Trading business, using the exact same business model as for Development Projects! 


We can also assist Clients that are in the Buy/Sell of Commodities with our Private Equity Firm.

 That’s right! Commodity Buy/Sells that are similarly situated with willing Commercial Underwriters, and where the Sponsor/Client needs to provide Additional Cash and Collateral to get it done, are eligible for our support.

Very Important: You must already have your Buy Contract and your Sell Contract ready to go, only needing our Additional Cash and Collateral to get it done. No Contracts = No Service. No exceptions.

We will need to have the Buy/Sell supported with Credit from a Commercial Underwriter and have the Equity Investment Firm provide them with a Backstop or Guarantee (as well as any closing points, etc.), which should further incentivize an underwriter to do so. (This is exactly the same process as if we were doing a Project Financing with our Private Equity Services).

Before we go down the application path, a Client must locate a Bank that can handle the transactions in “lock-box” form to protect all parties, and will provide him the Credit for the transactions if we put up a Guarantee (SBLC) for somewhere between 20% and 50% of the Credit Amount.

 Without the Banking side in place, there is not much we can do to help a Client, and we do not want to put up the SBLC for 100% of  the Credit Amount (being the only party with “skin in the game”).

Having said that, we have access to a Wells Fargo International Branch with a Trade Department who will only speak with the Direct Principal in regards to such underwriting, but who should be able to structure the needed Credit Facility to fulfill our client’s Buy/Sell transactions.

 While they would not speak specifics with us (nor will they, with any Broker/Consultant), they will accept a call from the actual Client and entertain that conversation. We, at our sole discretion, will consider doing the proper introductions to this Wells Fargo International Branch, just as long as we will be involved in the transaction using our Equity Investment Firm that will provide the Backstop or Guarantee, as well as any closing points, etc.


The Equity Investment Firm will require the following items:

  • There must be a Bank willing to provide Credit to the Client for the transaction.
  • A Contract where the Client is Buying a Commodity to later sell it.
  • A Contract where the Client is Selling the Commodity to his End-Buyer.
  • They will need to have direct access to both, Your Seller of the Commodity, and to your End-Buyer, to make sure the documentation is correct and acceptable to the Equity Investment Firm.
  • Only deals that have Ready to Go Contracts and need to close quickly need to apply.
  • The Transaction must have a minimum margin of 15%.
  • Our Minimum Transaction Amount is $10M USD.
  • The Client must have experience in Buying and Selling Commodities.



We will entertain the following types of transactions:

Buy/Sell of Any Type of Commodities, Period! Petroleum Products, Sugar, Gems, Gold, and anything else along these lines.

Our Equity Investment Firm will provide whatever amount is required by the Lender or Bank on every commodity transaction where there is Confirmed Buyer and Confirmed Seller for experienced trader professionals.

If a Client can’t afford to give up Equity on his transaction, then our services are not a fit for them and there’s no need to inquire.

There is no dollar limitation. Our Equity Investment Firm can execute transactions well over $100M.

This is not for “Paper” Traders but for Clients that Buy and Sell Commodities.

 We expect our Clients that inquire for this niche service to fully understand that our services are intended to be used exclusively by Corporate and Institutional Clients or Accredited, Sophisticated Individual Investors in need of advanced consulting services and financial solutions.

We reserve the right to work exclusively with the above mentioned type of Clients.

You can contact us First to talk about your project, to find out if we can assist you or not. We do not require any documentation whatsoever about You or your Project up-front!

Please do Not send us any un-solicited files! We will delete any files received without our request.

 We can generally let you know on the first call if your deal can be done or not. It all depends on what you tell us on that first call.

 If you are a Broker, Representative, Mandate , etc, and have Clients that might be a fit for our services, please contact us as well to discuss things over…

 If you would like to set up a call with us to evaluate a project, please request your Inquiry Form to fill out to get started!

Thank you!

Commodity Trading Funding – Project Funding – Private Equity Investor – No upfront fee!


-Equity Investment Team-

Coming soon! We charge a nominal fee, and will offer a service to those clients who require a lender who will qualify their project and  underwrite their loan. Our Equity Investment Partner Source will provide the collateral (cash, assets or  cash backed SBLC from a Prime World Bank etc.), and will also pay the closing costs!

Please note: An Executive Summary/Project Plan and/or Company Profile is required. A NCND is also required with our Consultancy Professional Practices. For our services rendered, not limited to: consulting, pre-screening, assistance and guidance for application and documentation preparation & Financial Institution support, introduction and submission to our reliable and proven financial sources, we charge a one-time refundable nominal fee, only  once your commodity Buy/Sell or Project is approved. In some cases, this fee is waived.