Get Optimal Success with Buy/Sell Opportunities

Joint Venturing with a Buy/Sell Platform and Mine Managing Partner/Owner is ultra smart and safe. Usually the contracts are for one year.  The Commodities Platform does the buying and selling. The fine products are bought and secured at steep discounts, which comes from mines, better known as ‘authentic suppliers’. Then the commodities are legally brought to the USA, and resold to an qualified principal exit buyer in Los Angeles or New York.



What are the commodities that are brought and sold?

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Gems
  • Jet fuel
  • Petroleum
  • and more…


Many Joint Ventures Partners participate in a Buy/Sell, to raise capital for a project’s funding requirements, pay off debt, expand their business, real estate, complete project phases, send their children and grandchildren to college  – debt free, and reinvest for continued successful results, etc.

***Exclusive Private Buy/Sell makes the difference***

Managed Buy/Sell Security 

Not only there is is a exit buyer for every transaction, but the Buy/Sell only transacts when there is an exit buyer. This strategy eliminates any risk. There is also a Lloyds of London Insurance wrap protecting funds, for added protection. The Joint Venture position takes title whereas  JVP has 50/50 ownership of assets.

Joint Venture positions are not just for the High Net-Worth or Ultra High Net-Worth Investors!



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