Have Stocks and Bonds? Get up to 95% LTV

Have stocks and Bonds that are trading, but you do not want to sell?

Not a problem.

Get up to 90% LTV Non Recourse Loan on your Stocks or Bonds.

Private Lender can also fund Stocks or Corporate Bonds etc. with Real Estate.


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Typical Scenario:
If borrower is looking for 100 MM to 1 Billion, we would need to review a detailed personal financial statement and detailed brokerage statements from the principal(s) or their backers that may be more liquid. Without that information, we cannot move forward with just the information initially provided.
Typically we can lend from 75-95% LTV on liquid assets like Stock Portfolios, A Paper Liquid Bonds, Gold and other Liquid Precious Metals.
No consideration would be given to instruments such as letters of credit, junk bonds, and other instruments purchased specifically for the purpose of getting a loan.
If they possess significant liquidity, then we would then ALSO be able to consider business assets and real estate assets.
If borrower liquid assets are significant, but smaller, we may be able to consider a lesser loan amount.
The loan would be a line of credit. Typically would be in the 2%-4% range on the liquid assets.
If the borrower is looking for a partner/angel investor (if they have no other significant assets …), then we would not be the right fit.
Thank you for your consideration.
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