Attention Principals: Do you have a project already approved of financing, but requires an Equity Partner, or are you an Investor that want to enter PPP’s, Trade Platforms, etc.?! Need $100M? How about $500M or more? Do you require Monetization of your BG, SBLC or MTN for your Project? Or you can utilize or Leverage our QIB’s Funds!



Dear Colleagues,

Are you a principal of a project who has found a lender who will finance your project? If yes, our QIB Funds are for you! The QIB will be your Equity Partner ‘just’ to bring in the necessary funds you require to your Lender’s book. You can utilize the QIB Funds, based on the future value of the project.

If you already have lender who has guaranteed you the financing for your project, but you now require an Equity Partner. Then we have good news for you! Our QIB can be your Equity Partner. Get approved today by our QIB!

If you are in the Bank Instruments Arena, Trading Platforms, Buy-Sell Transactions, etc., then this particular service might be what you’ve been looking for! We are here for those types of Clients/Investors that need a Loan (Not a Partner) to enter into these lucrative opportunities available to those that can afford them.

For a full description of a QIB, check here: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/qib.asp  

This Institutional Investor will allow his capital to be used for legal transactions in which there exists Investment Grade Support or Principal Protected Transactions.

These transactions can include, but not limited to:

  • Buy/Sell Transactions
  • Arbitrage Transactions
  • Trading Platforms
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Projects backed by Financial Guarantees
  • Bridge Investments with Investment Grade Take-Out 
  • Balance Sheet Enhancements
  • Proof of Funds  
  • Equity Partner
  • Monetization of “owned” cash or gold backed Financial Instruments such as MTNs (Medium Term Notes), BGs (Bank Guarantees) etc. for the purpose of a QIB Loan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Do you want to sell your cash or asset (gold-backed) MTN, BG etc.,  to get the funding you require? QIB will buy your Financial owned Instruments. Conditions apply.


Minimum transaction size is $5M up to $500M+


Let’s say that you have an opportunity to participate in a Private Placement Program or Trading Platform. These programs typically require a minimum of $100M to enter on your own merits. In many cases, the entry level might be much less when these programs managers “Pool” together several smaller investors to accumulate the $100M required.

Now, you can leverage to $100M through our QIB using 25:1 Leverage.

Use that leverage for legal transactions such as development, acquisitions or operating capital.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you have investment grade support for the project.  It is great for short-term, high-profit transactions and is provided as debt capital with no need to share equity in your project.

A SPE (Special Purpose Entity)that is arranged by the QIB will have the name of the Client or Client Corporate, but will remain the property of the SPE.  The funds will be placed there and not into an existing account for which the QIB is not protected.

QIB can also monetize Investment Grade Paper.



You are not taking on a new Partner that will want to take a piece of the Profits from the Opportunity Nor Equity in your Project/Property whatsoever. You simply pay his 4% for putting up the funds you need to enter these opportunities and his 1% per month. That’s it. All Profits (no matter how great they might be) are Yours.

You can borrow up to $500M+ just as long as you have the 4% to engage him. It is very important to clarify that our QIB doesn’t provide “synthetic” POF (Proof of Funds) like almost every other POF provider out there. These are REAL FUNDS (Cash Accounts) that will be deposited into an Account in Your Name. Therefore, please do not compare this service with others that cost less but don’t allow you to actually use the funds!
Please Note: If you don’t have the 4% required, simply said, You don’t get the service. Period. No other method of payment will do, including the typical scenario that 99% of Clients propose: “I’ll pay Double the amount AFTER I get in and make profits”. That’s not even an option, so please don’t ask.

  Remember, it doesn’t have to be $100M for you to engage our QIB. You can request as little as $5M USD just as long as the opportunity offers Investment Grade Support and Principal Protection. The cost for getting the funds is always 4% plus 1% per month, from month two (2) through month twelve (12), regardless if you need $5M USD or $500M USD. Also, the transaction doesn’t have to be a PPP or Trading Platform for the funds to be accessed. 

  For other high profit ventures, QIB funds can be provided (as debt capital) and used with the same25:1 leverage.  The projects must have investment grade coverage and support through insurance, performance bonds, completion bonds or the alike; such in that way, QIB capital is protected from principal loss.


All due diligence is the responsibility of the client, not the QIB’s.

If you believe that you have a valid transaction, and you have four points of any amount over $5M, we can assist you in engaging the QIB. Tell us about your proposed transaction and show us that you are capable of engaging (by way of evidence of 4%), and we will arrange a direct call between client and QIB.

Assuming client and QIB agree to work together, QIB will take over from there. QIB will arrange an SPV and fund the account with 25:1 leverage.

Upon doing so, his 4% is due and earned. Without the engagement capital and a willingness to show it, we will not proceed.


4% Loans from $5M up to $500M for entering Trading Platforms, PPP’s, Buy/Sell Transactions, Real Estate Transactions, and other High Yield Investment Opportunities. The 4% is due at the time that the Funds get deposited into Your Own Account!. No Profit Sharing on any Program/Transaction and absolutely No Joint Venture Please! Yes! Your Funds Must Leave your account to pay the QIB for depositing 25X the amount you pay him!!

Please only apply if you meet the Institutional Investor’s criteria.

Thank You!

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