CRE – Funding For Acquisitions

Buying Commercial Properties Without the Bank’s Red Tape!


We want to establish new business relationships with serious clients who are seasoned real estate investors aggressively acquiring profitable commercial properties nationwide (especially Triple Net properties), starting at $10M and up.

Based on our relationships with all types of funding sources, collateral providers, hedge fund managers, accredited investors, venture capital lenders, angel investors, and private lenders, we have multiple financing options at our disposal and available for qualified projects.

We offer comprehensive alternative solutions for commercial financing needs that are unavailable from banks or through traditional commercial channels.  Our team has the experience and access to funding sources necessary to successfully analyze and fund your project.  We are now able to offer sensational alternative acquisition strategies that do not require any of the typical “Red Tape” from a bank or conventional lenders.


With our alternative financing options, a seasoned investor that would normally need to come up with a hefty down payment, as well as satisfy all other credit and collateral requirements (good credentials, liquidity, net worth, etc.) in order to qualify for a loan, will now have access to an extremely lucrative property acquisition strategy.

I did some research on what banks are requiring nowadays from borrowers for NNN acquisitions, and found this topic: Click Here to Read it!

After seeing these requirements, and several other facts about buying NNN properties,
I decided to talk to my sources and come up with a solution to assist truly astute investors specializing in property acquisition.

This special opportunity is designed for those borrowers who are open-minded regarding new creative funding solutions for today’s economy and who also have the liquidity necessary to take down properties with a fraction of the traditional initial payment they would have needed if they were dealing with a bank.

The property doesn’t necessarily have to be NNN.
We can work with any of the following types of properties: NNN (Triple Net), NN (Double Net), and STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) properties. We can fund your acquisition transactions as long as the minimum purchase price is $10M USD, you have a minimum down payment of $2M readily available, and the property is located within the USA.

Below is a list of the types of properties we can work with:

  • Multi-family

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Office

  • Hotel & Motel

  • Special Purpose

  • Residential Income

  • Sports & Entertainment

  • Senior Housing

  • Healthcare

  • Undeveloped Land

Noteworthy of mentioning:
When you transact business with us, you will not have to worry about a ridiculous “Daisy Chain” of brokers before you get to talk to the actual check writer.  We are direct to the actual funder.  After we pre-screen your project and the strength of your management team, and your proposal is accepted, you will be dealing directly with the funding source.  If you were referred to us by a broker or consultant, any and all agreements and/or arrangements pertaining to commissions for these entities must remain between you and your broker or consultant.  It is imperative that we establish and maintain direct contact with principal parties only.

I am currently working with a client who wants to purchase a Best Buy store in Los Angeles.  With my assistance and financing connections, instead of having to qualify for a bank loan, and in addition, tender a minimum down payment of 20% (which in this case amounts to $6.4M), my client will only need a $2M down payment to close on this acquisition.

You will own your property acquisition Free and Clear in around 90 days!
Our lending source implements an Insurance Policy from Lloyds of London to fully protect your $2M down payment, and the full amount of your down payment will be refunded to you on the first draw!

We want to reach out to Commercial Real Estate Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within Every Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Market!

This is nothing new…  This acquisition structure has been utilized for many, many years by wealthy and savvy investors who understand the power of leverage.  After you complete the intake documents, you will be introduced to the funding source who will explain how this transaction works.

There are no up-front fees of any kind and we do not require as much documentation as a bank or conventional lender.  You only need to agree to our legal disclaimers that are required before an introduction can be made.  These initial disclaimers are necessary because we must devote our time to qualified clients who are serious, and who will not have any problems meeting our lender’s requirements, including experience with property acquisitions and the liquidity necessary to transact business.

After you fully execute our initial documentation, you will be introduced to my direct funding source via a conference call.  Your questions will be answered during this conference call.  After this initial introduction, if you are in complete agreement with all terms and conditions, you must agree to attend a meeting with the principals of our funding source, located in California.

A Potential Client must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years of experience with Commercial Properties

  • Must currently own at least one NNN or other Commercial Property

  • Must have a minimum of $2M in liquid funds readily available for acquisitions

  • Must be willing to meet with my funding source in person.

You will be required to fill out an Initial Inquiry form to get started.
Remember that you will need to review and agree to our disclaimer documentation that will be sent to you after you submit your request.

Important Note: Only Direct Borrowers/Investors are permitted to apply.
Brokers are welcome but cannot request our Initial Legal Disclaimer Form or fill out any forms on behalf of their clients.

Brokers and Consultants will also be required to contact us directly through the Initial Form before introducing their clients to this exclusive opportunity.



Important Disclaimer:

Our Source is registered with the SEC and provides Capital Management Services to Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals through the creation and management of Alternative Investment Vehicles.

This Program is exclusively for Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals that are well familiarized with the subject matter: Using Bank Instruments such as BG’s, SBLC’s, MTN’s, Bonds, etc., to achieve Non-Recourse 100% Project Financing with a Self-Liquidating Loan OR if No Project attached to the opportunity, other alternatives to generate wealth are also available. But being financially capable is mandatory.

  We work as a Consultant Group, that acts as a conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angel and/or Private Lending and SEC Wealth Management entities. K. Shantay Sinclair has a passion to help educate individuals and entities on Non-Conventional Creative Project Funding; and have assisted Commercial Real estate and Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within every primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. We will show you how you can qualify and have complete access to these platforms as clients/members and Joint Venture Partners do.