WHAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW… It can happen to you! Take action Right Now!

IMPORTANT!!! It could very well happen to you too, instantly! Be AWARE Colleagues and Associates – if you post programs, services or deals to Market in Networking Sites… they may very well be after to attack your name and your posting! PLEASE BEWARE: Check on Scamwarners forum to see if you or anyone you know is inappropriately listed there. Then read my message in my blog below. PLEASE utilize the information wisely and cautiously. It is distasteful to say this, but you could be listed as a scammer on this forum simply by having a post up on Social Networks  etc. that has a “tone of a scammer” according to Mike Wilson, the Scamwarners site’s Admin.

August 15, 2016

Dear Colleagues and Associates,

It was brought to my immediate attention that one of my posts describing one of the services I’ve marketed a while ago was on the forum site http://www.scamwarners.com

I was shocked like anyone would be, especially if you have integrity and work with such ethics and dedication. I have come to realize a ‘moderator’ of this Scamwarners’ site had posted one of my Marketing posts there in such a deliberate and dishonest way. With that, it would appear that a person or entity is a scammer or scam artist as most would call it.  I do not know this person claiming to be from ‘Europe.’ I have never engaged with him before!

So without meditating on the best action to take, I immediately confronted the false accusation lightly on the forum. And then I have proceeded to report Username AlanJones and gave a thorough complaint to the Administration.

Immediately afterwards, I was banned from posting. See screenshots below. After this, AlanJones posted three (3) more comments really exposing nothing but copying and pasting my network postings in which he has further Googled to conjure up evidence against me. Then he labeled me with his own falsified truths, REALLY? On one of his comments, he writes  a sentence in Green bold big letters right above my post to persuade the audience via forum to all who would see.

Then I have emailed Mike Wilson, the Site’s Administrator, as a means to restore my account because I was not at fault, but only to defend a righteous and truthful cause.

Mike Wilson from the Scamwarners forum vaguely replied; only requesting information about me. I was hoping it was a reply to get to the bottom of this and solve this false accusation and slander issue. So, I have emailed him back- now I will see if he is actually going to assist me and have my best interest and help me to solve this matter accordingly. I am giving him time to investigate to get this right and clear my name!

I do have a reputation to protect. I truly care about the Marketing Consultancy business I am in and the clientele and network I have built. I realize there will always be haters and /or non fruitful nay sayers that will try to harm ones reputation without a cause nor evidence. However, generally, the ones to rightfully make a public complaint are those that are probably not 100% satisfied with customer service or the product they have received. In this instance, well, they have an honest right to post their dissatisfaction and ratings. But to outright choose to copy and paste posts for your own selfish gain – is foolish, slanderous, wrongful, and unethical!

But when I took a closer look, AlanJones is a moderator who controls the boards in the Forum. So making such complaints to the ones who likely created Scam Warners forums, will not go over well and successfully conclude the matter, regardless of the complaint at hand submitted.

While I was facing such shock and horror, as AlanJones has also copied and pasted a Marketing  post of mines from ConnectedInvestors website, now it’s strange that I am unable to log into my page there. That has never happened to me before. Now I have to fight for my rights there as well. This is part of the damaging effect it has on the work and network I have built.

What To Do:

  1. See if your posts, email communication, or marketing material or contact information is listed on http://www.scamwarners.com
  2. If it is listed, it will probably be best not to contact the forum owners, they just might block you if you try to defend yourself. And it could get worst.This not an exaggeration- it is facts and possibility.
  3. Contact a legal team or proper law authorities regarding their slander posts against you.
  4. Notify all of your contacts about the vital matter or tell them to read “publicly” what happened to you as I am doing. Because I want to make as many as people aware as possible. This way, they are aware of what is unjustly and wrongfully going on.
  5. I would not suggest you to ‘never’ consider posting your services or Company’s product you are independently representing again with your information; Why?  Because if they’re intentions are to collect information and data and act scandalous with it, then they can always try to find a way to ruin your reputation. To just avoid posting and marketing, is not the answer when you need to network and get the word out about your services etc. Keep in mind, this can abruptly and brutally happen to anyone  who is innocent; with you only marketing just a LITTLE information. But be mindful and keep on top of your ‘name’ on whether it’s being abused on the internet, or highly honored and recognized. Having said that, I suggest regularly check on this forum or anywhere online for that matter, to see who can be doing devious crimes with your name and information you post on the internet.


MOREOVER…It gets worst:

Please note: The moderator have full control regarding comments made. AlanJones made a remark on top of my comment/feedback to make me still appear like what he wants me to be “a scammer” He used his remark and posted in a senseless and unjust act to control the thoughts of others and to convince and/or persuade them. I could not make another comment in my defense utilizing my email address he accused me  of being a scammer, because he has banned me from the forum of ever making comments.

I have a screen shot of the forum where it points out me being  banned from the board. Thus, I cannot make any more comments, unless I use another email address to register and comment – but in reality, how successful would I really be when they are already hindering me from defending myself.


“…just a free gmail account” Let me say this, I deal with business men and women and Consultants and brokers everyday that “CHOOSE” to communicate with me as often as they will with their email accounts: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, EarthLink, and Cox, etc. as well as their business email accounts. So how is this unprofessional, because the email I choose to ultilize for my posts and some networking is free not paid? Is this evidence that someone has been scammed? Why use this lame excuse to attack me and any other innocent person.

My close associates that I have discussed this horrifying pressing news with, we have came to the understanding:

Just as Topix.com, they require the ratings in-spite of the costly harm to ruin a person or company’s reputation of others and even death, They WILL NOT REMOVE any posts, or try to solve the problem of falsified reports, even if you email them evidence.

Not to put Topix out there in a negative light, but this is ‘public’ factual information, and I am sharing it. I like the site overall, because it gives updated local newsworthy feed in whatever area I am traveling. …except where it can be damaging to ones reputation and cause death.

The Bottom Line: You see, they need the ratings and more registered people to join their forum, that is what will make them bigger.

That is also how they will make a ideal or famous (by popularity) name for themselves  on the internet at large, as they will get paid big money – the more they grow and reach specific quotas, and gain a high traffic flow.

This is a serious case. That means, it’s a deliberately act ALL to make money, all at the detriment of one’s good reputation. With my experience thus far trying to communicate with Scam Warners owners,  they’re so reluctant to take action against the criminal act.

I will update this post when they take action accordingly. AlanJones have refused to send proof backing his report.

If I can help save one person’s reputation, then I am helpful and successful. People who are made aware should first help educate themselves and then help others, or they will either agree with the adversary. *Choose wisely.

I pray you do not become a victim, if you are in fact innocent.

As I have studied their forum… it is suppose to be ‘kept a secret’ from actual scammers, that’s what we are led to believe. Then how so, when you google a name, description of services or email address it becomes available instantly via public information for all to see and judge. You must know that it is more behind this… if it gets to certain innocent people and/or companies, their company may be in fear of them being dishonest and not a trust worthy source to rely on. One should never base their Due-Diligence nor decision-making on hearsay and slander or attack on character etc.  –But hard evidence.

Whatever you do, please judge righteously, and do not be easily persuaded wrongly. If it interests you conduct proper Due-Diligence or hire professional DD, and make sure you receive evidence and not a statement alone. BUT IN ALL THAT YOU DO, PLEASE… Open up YOUR EYES and SEE the motive( what’s driving them to do what they are doing),  intentions and hidden agenda behind one’s complaint.

God bless you all. Most of all stay True to yourself.

Disclaimer: This blog is only to share my experience and to inform the consultants and brokers who is posting details of an offer or their services. This is NOT intended to protect the fraudulent persons or crooks hiding behind entities or named as individual. This notification, is to bring to light what can happen to people who are in fact innocent with no hidden agenda. 

Update: Mike Wilson has replied, but just as I had already sensed, he had indirectly  responded and made excuses (self-reasoning), and furthermore, he do not want to even acknowledge that I have a right to lawfully exercise. With that, he has ignored my request to restore my account, so that I may respond accordingly to their Moderator’s accusations against me. With that, it can be expected that much of nothing will be done to solve this slandering issue from his end.

Get this>>> A moderator doing such… WOW! You would think it will be someone you was actually engaged in business or networking with that have something deep against you or your business ethics; and would be revengeful insomuch, they would deviously be out to harm your reputation. But NO! Not in this rare case. Wow! Please send your prayers forth for the delusional and/or people out here in the business world, with a mindless behavior, unfruitful spirit, evil deeds and wicked state of mind. Thank you. God Bless.


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