Get Optimal Success with Buy/Sell Opportunities

Joint Venturing with a Buy/Sell Platform and Mine Managing Partner/Owner is ultra smart and safe. Usually the contracts are for one year.  The Commodities Platform does the buying and selling. The fine products are bought and secured at steep discounts, which comes from mines, better known as ‘authentic suppliers’. Then the commodities are legally brought to the USA, and resold to an qualified principal exit buyer in Los Angeles or New York.



What are the commodities that are brought and sold?

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Gems
  • Jet fuel
  • Petroleum
  • and more…


Many Joint Ventures Partners participate in a Buy/Sell, to raise capital for a project’s funding requirements, pay off debt, expand their business, real estate, complete project phases, send their children and grandchildren to college  – debt free, and reinvest for continued successful results, etc.

***Exclusive Private Buy/Sell makes the difference***

Managed Buy/Sell Security 

Not only there is is a exit buyer for every transaction, but the Buy/Sell only transacts when there is an exit buyer. This strategy eliminates any risk. There is also a Lloyds of London Insurance wrap protecting funds, for added protection. The Joint Venture position takes title whereas  JVP has 50/50 ownership of assets.

Joint Venture positions are not just for the High Net-Worth or Ultra High Net-Worth Investors!



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We work as a Consultant Group, that acts as a conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angel and/or Private Lending and SEC Wealth Management entities. K. Shantay Sinclair has a passion to help educate individuals and entities on Non-Conventional Creative Project Funding; and have assisted Commercial Real estate and Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within every primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. We will show you how you can qualify and have complete access to these platforms as clients/members and Joint Venture Partners do.



Attention Principals: Do you have a project already approved of financing, but requires an Equity Partner, or are you an Investor that want to enter PPP’s, Trade Platforms, etc.?! Need $100M? How about $500M or more? Do you require Monetization of your BG, SBLC or MTN for your Project? Or you can utilize or Leverage our QIB’s Funds!



Dear Colleagues,

Are you a principal of a project who has found a lender who will finance your project? If yes, our QIB Funds are for you! The QIB will be your Equity Partner ‘just’ to bring in the necessary funds you require to your Lender’s book. You can utilize the QIB Funds, based on the future value of the project.

If you already have lender who has guaranteed you the financing for your project, but you now require an Equity Partner. Then we have good news for you! Our QIB can be your Equity Partner. Get approved today by our QIB!

If you are in the Bank Instruments Arena, Trading Platforms, Buy-Sell Transactions, etc., then this particular service might be what you’ve been looking for! We are here for those types of Clients/Investors that need a Loan (Not a Partner) to enter into these lucrative opportunities available to those that can afford them.

For a full description of a QIB, check here:  

This Institutional Investor will allow his capital to be used for legal transactions in which there exists Investment Grade Support or Principal Protected Transactions.

These transactions can include, but not limited to:

  • Buy/Sell Transactions
  • Arbitrage Transactions
  • Trading Platforms
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Projects backed by Financial Guarantees
  • Bridge Investments with Investment Grade Take-Out 
  • Balance Sheet Enhancements
  • Proof of Funds  
  • Equity Partner
  • Monetization of “owned” cash or gold backed Financial Instruments such as MTNs (Medium Term Notes), BGs (Bank Guarantees) etc. for the purpose of a QIB Loan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Do you want to sell your cash or asset (gold-backed) MTN, BG etc.,  to get the funding you require? QIB will buy your Financial owned Instruments. Conditions apply.


Minimum transaction size is $5M up to $500M+


Let’s say that you have an opportunity to participate in a Private Placement Program or Trading Platform. These programs typically require a minimum of $100M to enter on your own merits. In many cases, the entry level might be much less when these programs managers “Pool” together several smaller investors to accumulate the $100M required.

Now, you can leverage to $100M through our QIB using 25:1 Leverage.

Use that leverage for legal transactions such as development, acquisitions or operating capital.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you have investment grade support for the project.  It is great for short-term, high-profit transactions and is provided as debt capital with no need to share equity in your project.

A SPE (Special Purpose Entity)that is arranged by the QIB will have the name of the Client or Client Corporate, but will remain the property of the SPE.  The funds will be placed there and not into an existing account for which the QIB is not protected.

QIB can also monetize Investment Grade Paper.



You are not taking on a new Partner that will want to take a piece of the Profits from the Opportunity Nor Equity in your Project/Property whatsoever. You simply pay his 4% for putting up the funds you need to enter these opportunities and his 1% per month. That’s it. All Profits (no matter how great they might be) are Yours.

You can borrow up to $500M+ just as long as you have the 4% to engage him. It is very important to clarify that our QIB doesn’t provide “synthetic” POF (Proof of Funds) like almost every other POF provider out there. These are REAL FUNDS (Cash Accounts) that will be deposited into an Account in Your Name. Therefore, please do not compare this service with others that cost less but don’t allow you to actually use the funds!
Please Note: If you don’t have the 4% required, simply said, You don’t get the service. Period. No other method of payment will do, including the typical scenario that 99% of Clients propose: “I’ll pay Double the amount AFTER I get in and make profits”. That’s not even an option, so please don’t ask.

  Remember, it doesn’t have to be $100M for you to engage our QIB. You can request as little as $5M USD just as long as the opportunity offers Investment Grade Support and Principal Protection. The cost for getting the funds is always 4% plus 1% per month, from month two (2) through month twelve (12), regardless if you need $5M USD or $500M USD. Also, the transaction doesn’t have to be a PPP or Trading Platform for the funds to be accessed. 

  For other high profit ventures, QIB funds can be provided (as debt capital) and used with the same25:1 leverage.  The projects must have investment grade coverage and support through insurance, performance bonds, completion bonds or the alike; such in that way, QIB capital is protected from principal loss.


All due diligence is the responsibility of the client, not the QIB’s.

If you believe that you have a valid transaction, and you have four points of any amount over $5M, we can assist you in engaging the QIB. Tell us about your proposed transaction and show us that you are capable of engaging (by way of evidence of 4%), and we will arrange a direct call between client and QIB.

Assuming client and QIB agree to work together, QIB will take over from there. QIB will arrange an SPV and fund the account with 25:1 leverage.

Upon doing so, his 4% is due and earned. Without the engagement capital and a willingness to show it, we will not proceed.


4% Loans from $5M up to $500M for entering Trading Platforms, PPP’s, Buy/Sell Transactions, Real Estate Transactions, and other High Yield Investment Opportunities. The 4% is due at the time that the Funds get deposited into Your Own Account!. No Profit Sharing on any Program/Transaction and absolutely No Joint Venture Please! Yes! Your Funds Must Leave your account to pay the QIB for depositing 25X the amount you pay him!!

Please only apply if you meet the Institutional Investor’s criteria.

Thank You!

We work as a Marketing Consultant Group, that acts as a conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angel and/or Private Lending entities. We have a passion to help educate individuals and entities on Non-Conventional Creative Project Funding; and can assist Commercial Real estate and Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within every primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. We will show you how you can qualify and have complete access to these platforms as clients/members and Joint Venture Partners do.

Why does it seems to be very difficult to find Non-Conventional 100% Funding for my project?

Why does it seems to be very difficult to find Non-Conventional 100% Funding for my project?

 Capital Raising      Project Financing     Acquisitions


Why are the good and creditable Non-Conventional Funding Source I hear about, they exist, yet are too hard to find? How can I find such source where I can utilize their services over and over as needed for my projects? Why aren’t many unique and out of the box funding options around for all to grasp and utilize, other than our everyday Private Lenders and Hard Money Lenders?


 If you have these questions running through your mind, you can finally ease your mind and calm your seemingly ever ending frustrations. The answer is quite simple; many of these investors/typical Real Estate and business borrowers, don’t know where to go. And with that, I have seen construction, residential and commercial projects struggle to reach their specific ‘goal’ phases. Thus, if they didn’t get the help they needed in time, by a specific deadline, the project would completely come to a complete stand still or devastating  halt. It is nothing worst than getting a great project started; having a solid plan and the start-up capital (seed money), and then watch your dream before your eyes fall apart or development be stagnant/uncompleted, because of the phases or stages of disbursements of capital you’ve counted on didn’t come through on time, or you find the funds wasn’t readily available and enough to finish what you have begun.  All it takes is for someone that can help point you in the RIGHT direction for your creative funding needs.

My name is K. Shantay Sinclair. I am a Financial Consultant and I have been consulting individuals, business owners,  traditional borrowers and corporate investors with the right creative project funding /business expansion private capital sources since February 2007. I am here with my consulting professional team to build and establish good and right business relationships to acquire what a client requires for his/her long term success.  I help connect them to established and trustworthy and credible private financial sources to have all their phases of their projects funded – on schedule.


   Today, as I help to educate you, and you will no longer wonder why the good funding sources seem to be hidden away, like a needle in a hay stack or appear like a secretly hidden treasure to you. There are more creative financing options available for project developers, Real Estate Investor and entities can benefit from. With that, I am elated to bring them to the forefront for you.


    Private sources are just that- ‘private’. They do not heavily advertise.  Private lending sources on the funding end, usually have a membership that consists of qualified committed parties: business owners, construction principals, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors, who put up their own money or line of credit or collateral and act as a private lender, as known as investors.


    Capital is committed by these members into a single project or put into several project opportunities. These pools of capital may be a number legal entities; however, the most common is known as Private Placement Funding. Not just anyone can join and participate. Because they are exactly what their name implies, offerings of a membership interest to a select group of chosen investors who meet certain knowledgeable and financial requirements. Every project is welcomed for submission and under review to be considered. However, Private Lenders/Investors/Platform Traders have preferences for certain types of borrowers and investment projects and capital raising.  Also, all Private Lenders/Investors/Platform Traders  are not equal.


   Generally, these project and/or capital cashflow opportunities are not offered to the general public. Among the project funding opportunities, are SEC licensed and regulated/registered Platform Traders. Platform Traders have many products to trade and a huge number of global exchanges to execute the trades on high levels. Platform traders also use their programs to buy and sell millions of dollars of stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, oil, euro-dollars, CMO’s, ETF’s and hundreds of other securities, currencies and derivatives in efforts to make profits from themselves and investors. These Platform traders can make profits by purchasing a particular instrument or by shorting, (selling it) employing option strategies, that the price will go down. Bank Credit Facilities to buy goods etc.: Platform Traders can also use their own line of credit and  Banking Credit Facility for their Financial Instruments transactions: (Letters of Credit and Notes etc.) to buy/sell commodities assets (gold, diamonds, silver, and gems etc.) which most purchasers buy and sell direct from mines to build and create the platform they require to utilize their program as a leveraging project funding source and capital enhancement program. Platform Traders utilize margin to buy and sell all of the various instruments they monetize or trade.


     An independent  capital account is established for each Trade Platform investor in order to provide accurate accounting on a monthly or quarterly basis. The Private Trader Platforms’ funds are deposited into a master segregated funds account to be used for trading. When your bank, local Hard Money Lenders, Family members and Friends and utilizing OTP (other people’s money) cannot partner with you, nor help you fund your deals… We are here to help.


Here are a few of the options that consistently works well for our principals. Our top private creative financing source is readily available to help fund the following criteria with these financial solutions:



  • NNN (Triple Net), NN (Double Net) or STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) or other Commercial Properties – Investors are required to have $2M minimum available for acquisitions. Best option yet, funds are secured in an Insurance Policy from Lloyds of London to fully protect principal’s $2M USD down payment and the  full amount of your down payment is refunded back to you on the first draw! This is nothing NEW. This acquisition structure has been utilized for many, many years by wealthy and savvy investors who understand the power of leverage. Utilizing this unique trading Platform and its powerful option of leverage, principals have no debt (loan to pay back). Principal will own their investment property free and clear in 90 Days! This is one of the strategic and effective vehicles investors absolutely delight to increase their BUYING POWER; with little down, compared to the average 20%- up to 40% down payment the conventional loan institutions will charge.

A Potential Client must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years of experience with Commercial Properties.
  • Must currently own at least one NNN or other Commercial Property.
  • Must have a minimum of $2M in liquid funds readily available for acquisitions.
  • Must be willing to meet with funding source in person.


 100% PROJECT FINANCING Utilizing Financial Bank Instruments

Important Disclaimer:

This Program is exclusively for Accredited Investors or Savvy Entrepreneurs that are well familiarized with the subject matter: Utilizing Bank Instruments such as BG’s, SBLC’s, MTN’s, Bonds, etc., to achieve Non-Recourse 100% Project Financing with a Self-Liquidating Loan OR if No Project attached to the opportunity, other alternatives to generate wealth are also available. But being financially capable is mandatory.

100% Project Financing.  Our Private Lender source wants to work with seasoned developers and entrepreneurs with solid and viable projects around the world, starting at $10M USD and up to $1B USD. Most types of projects are welcome. $1.5M is the minimum will be required  that will fund up to $60M for project funding. For larger projects, the required initial amount needed from the Client will be determined based on amount needed for the project and other salient facts.



The types of Projects we are interested in financing…
We offer our innovative and creative funding solutions for the following:

• Shopping Centers
• All Types of Energy Projects
• Gas and Oil Projects
• All Types of Mining Projects
• Hotels/Marinas/Casinos
• Mixed Use Properties
• Office Buildings
• Industrial Projects
• Retail Stores
• Office/Retail Condos
• Churches
• Warehouse Properties
• Special Purpose Properties
• Apartment Buildings

And many more.. Note: This Program is Exclusively for New Construction or Development Projects! This program (100% Project Financing), is Not meant for Acquisitions!

Our capital partners provide a virtually limitless funding capacity. Whether your project is 10 million dollars or 100 million dollars or even $1 Billion dollars, we have the resources to properly structure and fund your deal.



  • Collateral Funding – Collateral Provider: There are step by step procedures and requirements in order to obtain a Top Rated Bank Instrument that will serve as Collateral and will be fundamental for a viable project to be financed. Disclaimer: These services are meant for corporate clients and/or sophisticated accredited investors in search of advance consulting services at the highest level.Feel free to discuss and share these details with your Legal Counsel and/or Attorney, experienced and knowledgeable about these types of services of private funding, Trade Platforms and Top Bank Instruments to make sure you are 100% in understanding this verbiage and terminology.
  • Lenders  Leveraging opportunity – Attention Direct Private Lenders! Expand Your Lending Capacity! By Joint Venturing with a Registered and Licensed Wealth Management Group, You can use the Power of Leverage to Multiply Your Funds!
    We work Directly with a Wealth Management Group who has a program to Raise Capital for Direct Private Lenders to expand their lending capacity. Our Source is Registered with the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Regulation D Pooled Investment Fund.Click Here to read Pooled Investment Funds description.

Our source have legal advice services and offers assistance to help guide principals get on the path of financial project liberty once and for all! There is an appointed attorney that will be provided for the principal’s legal needs and during the funding process and closings. The legal source have the tools that will help guide the principal to legally set up the proper Corp to receive funds without paying overwhelming taxes; resulting in smooth transactions with tax benefits.

  • This information listed herein is provided for educational purposes.

 Disclaimer:  We work as a Marketing Consultant Group, that acts as a conduit between Entrepreneurs, Developers, Investors and VC, Angel and/or Private Equity entities. K. Shantay Sinclair has a passion to help educate individuals and entities on creative project funding, and have assisted Commercial Real estate and Decision Makers for Every Asset Type within every primary, secondary, and tertiary market. We will show you how you can qualify and have complete access to these platforms as members do.


  If you are interested in receiving a free introductory newsletter and details to learn more about Creative Financing through leveraging with our Private Creative Financing Source and their funding methods for funding global projects, please feel free to contact us and inquire within for our Consultant Services.